In-House Diagnostics

In today’s age, it’s common to want things done quickly and efficiently.

Here at Monroe Animal Health, we understand the importance of getting quick results about your companion. Because of that, we offer a variety of in-house diagnostic services to provide you with speedy care under one roof.

Our Diagnostic Services

We partner with IDEXX to offer up to date in-house diagnostics with the availability to utilize their state-of-the-art reference lab if needed.  Idexx offers 30 years of diagnostic innovation for healthier pets and happier pet owners.  

Our in-house diagnostics include but are not limited to: 

  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Various Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Urinary Analysis and Sediment
  • Fecal Float Analysis
  • Cytology

We also offer in house digital radiographic imaging and ultrasound. This is a non-invasive diagnostic process performed to help us identify any internal issues going on with your dog or cat. It helps us create a picture and visualize exactly what the problem might be.

exam room
Yellow lab sitting in car and looking out the open window.

In-House Diagnostic Services for Pets in Monroe

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