When it’s time to take a little vacation for yourself and your family, you want to make sure you find the best care for your dog or cat.

You may consider leaving your pet at home, having someone else check up on them once or twice a day, or letting a friend stay with them for the time being. However, when animals are left alone or with someone that is unsure of how to properly care for them, it puts their health and wellbeing at risk. Instead of worrying about your fur baby while you’re on vacation, know they’re in great hands with Monroe Animal Health’s boarding program.


Our Facility

While many cat and dog boarding locations may not have ideal conditions, Monroe Animal Health has a state-of-the-art facility for both cat and dog boarding.

We understand that a happy pet is a healthy pet, and we thrive to give all of our animals a pleasant and welcoming experience. After all, it can be stressful to be away from family for an extended period of time, so our goal is to lessen the anxiety associated with boarding and create a welcoming, inviting environment for your pet.

We offer separate boarding options for dogs and cats. This way, your animal will remain safe and comfortable throughout their stay. Our feline guests are treated to multi-level condos that allow them to climb, jump, and play with each other. Your kitty is sure to enjoy the accessible windows that provide views of the beautiful outdoors.

Our pups have the choice of individual rooms with glass front doors and resting benches. For smaller dogs that prefer to stay together, adjoining rooms are available. If you’re looking for a step above the rest, we offer privacy boarding rooms for dogs. Each room is 4’ x 6’ and boasts cameras for your pampered pup. These are great options for holidays and summertime!

private boarding room

Boarding Packages

Boarding Packages - Canine

Boarding Packages - Feline

Boarding feline suite

Pet Boarding in Monroe

Here at Monroe Animal Health, we want your pup or kitten to feel happy and healthy. They deserve to feel like they’re on vacation when you’re out of town. Our facility was built to make them feel comfortable. No matter how long your pet needs boarding for, they’ll be cared for and loved the entire time. For a great boarding experience for your cat or dog, contact Monroe Animal Health today.