There’s nothing scarier than knowing a loved one needs surgery.

If your cat or dog needs an operation, it’s likely you’re feeling apprehensive about the idea of them going under anesthesia. That’s why you need a reliable and trustworthy veterinarian who is experienced in surgical treatment. At Monroe Animal Health, our staff has been practicing surgical care for cats and dogs for decades.

Surgical Options

Here at Monroe Animal Health, we offer three main types of surgery.

Dr Copeland with dog

These include spay and neuter, soft tissue, and orthopedic operations. For the best surgical care in Monroe, Monroe Animal Health can help.

A spay and neuter surgery is the operational process of removing your pet’s reproductive organs. This prevents them from spreading diseases, contributing to an overpopulation problem within the shelter community, and the potential of cancers or illnesses in those body areas.

When dogs and cats push themselves hard, they can develop both soft tissue and bone injuries. These injuries can also occur due to genetics and illnesses associated with aging. Unfortunately, both of these injuries can be painful for our fur babies. By getting surgery to correct any bone or tissue complications they may have or develop, you are increasing the quality of their life significantly.

Surgical Care for Pets in Monroe

We care about your pets’ wellbeing, and our staff simply wants them to be healthy. With our decades of knowledge in pet surgical practices, you can feel comfortable knowing your pets are in the most caring hands in Monroe. To schedule a surgical appointment with Monroe Animal Health, call us today.

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