Wellness Care

Humans and pets are similar in more ways than they are different.

One of these similarities is in their need for wellness care. As people, we expect healthcare that will prevent, predict, and prepare for potential issues within our bodies. Our pets can’t get this themselves, so it’s our responsibility to find the best care for them. At Monroe Animal Health, we offer a variety of wellness care services to ensure your fur baby is happy and healthy.

Wellness Care Services at Monroe Animal Health

Here at Monroe Animal Health, we offer various wellness care options that allow us to monitor your pet’s health over time.

Puppy being examined

This way, if something is observed as different than a prior visit, we can act fast and identify what’s causing the change. Other than general wellness care, we offer a long list of services to ensure your pet can live their best life.

No matter what age your pet is, they’ll need at least one vaccination per year. This is inevitable, as renewal rabies shots are mandatory in Louisiana each year. The number and frequency of vaccinations can vary depending on the point in life your pet’s in. For example, younger kittens and puppies require more preventative vaccinations than a middle-aged one might. At Monroe Animal Health, we’ll analyze which vaccines are necessary for your furry friend and choose the best ones for their lifestyle.

Next, just as humans do, pets require more healthcare as they age. They become more susceptible to pain, injuries, and illnesses, so it’s key that we monitor their health and track their progress to catch and treat issues as they arise. We love all of our senior animals here at Monroe Animal Health.

Lastly, we offer microchipping for both cats and dogs. A microchip is a small identification device that gets inserted via an injection between your pet’s shoulder blades. Using a specialized scanning device, a vet can pick up a serial number and trace it back to your phone number. This way, if you ever lose contact with your best friend, reconnecting with them is simple.

Wellness Care in Monroe

Regardless of the stage of life that your pet is in, our staff at Monroe Animal Health Center will treat them with the love and compassion they deserve. We love our pet family and want to see them healthy. Instead of visiting a veterinarian office that treats your fur baby like another patient, visit us at Monroe Animal Health Center to experience what a caring and compassionate veterinary family feels like. Call or visit us today to schedule an appointment for a wellness care visit.